How to remove Logitech wheel

1. Remove the 6 screws from the back of the wheel assembly. 


2. Remove the 6 screws from the front of the wheel


3. Unplug the wire harness from the board


4. Remove the screws that holds the board to the front cover (there will be a couple different screws depending on the model)


5. Lift off the board from the front cover


6. Remove the screws that holds the L and R buttons (4 buttons). These buttons and screws will not be needed for the new wheel/buttons


7. Remove the 2 screws that holds the stock rim to the front cover and slowly lift off the cover from the rim. These screws will not be used for the new wheel


8. Place the board back on the cover and replace the 7 screws that was removed on step #4


9. Plug the wire hardness back on the board


10. Place the front cover with board back on the wheelbase, make sure all the buttons work, screw the 6 screws back on the rear of the wheel assembly (G29/G923 make sure the top button of the wheel is correctly aligned that switches from PC to console)


11. Attach the new wheel by using the 6 screws on the front of the wheel. Make sure not to tighten too much. It can stop buttons from functioning correctly


12. Add the 4 new buttons on the front. The longer stem buttons go on top, and the shorter buttons go on bottom. No need to screw them in. Please be careful to not break the button housing as they are very sensitive. Slowly spin them in place and they should be nice and snug.


Note: Test the new buttons to make sure they function properly. If they are already pressed in and doesn't function properly, it means your wheel is too tight. Loosen the 6 screws on the center just a little until the buttons function properly.


You are done. Enjoy the new wheel and let us know if you have any questions. 


Don't forget to add a magnetic shifter adapter to make the experience even better. Purchase it HERE