Do you ship worldwide? Is there a customs fee? How long does it take?

Yes, we ship worldwide. Shipping can depend on the country and their processing time through customs. Customs tax fee will depend on the delivery company and the country. We can't control that. Most of the time there aren't any fees. If there are fees, we are not responsible for them. It can take average 1-2 weeks to most countries. If a package is lost in outside country or local post attempt to deliver and cannot deliver. We are not responsible for lost or discarded packages. You must contact your local post. We will not refund an order if package is lost in your country or local post could not deliver. We recommend selecting UPS shipping which is much faster and more reliable since they will not use your local shipping company.


Do I need any adapters or spacers?

No, the wheel is ready to go as a one piece. Spacer is already part of the rim. You also don't need to do anything with your paddles etc


How strong are the wheels?

Our products are all printed in PLA+. With that, they will flex a little if forcing it by twisting. Fortunately, that is not a natural driving movement. They are strong enough for what you are using. Logitech only does 2.1Nm. We have tested it to the max. We never had any issues. 

Our new 100% carbon plate wheels (F1GT) are much stronger than plastic. It will last a lifetime. They have been tested with wheelbases much stronger than Logitech. 


How do I install the new wheel?

Click here for directions

..or watch video


How to Install Magnet Paddle Attachment? Comparison


Return & Exchange Policy: All items can be returned/exchanged within 15 days of the item being delivered to the customer. 

* The is a 15% restocking fee for all returned items

* All items will be reviewed and must be re-sellable/new condition. If there are any used signs on the items, the return will be rejected and shipped back to the customer.

* Customers must pay for shipping both ways. To send items back, and to receive new items. That includes if the return is rejected, and we need to ship back the original item to the customer. Customers must show proof of shipping within the 15 days. 


Warranty: Warranty can depend on the item. Refer to the product page for warranty. Customers pay shipping after 15 days of item received for warranty services. 

* INNATO - Manufacture warranty by INNATO. We may attempt to service the wheel if simple fix. Larger issues will be escalated to INNATO (In Spain). Customers must pay shipping to ANSE3D inspection of service (after 15 days of receiving item). 


Have any other questions? Contact us through chat below or email us at anse3d.shop@gmail.com. Thank you!